The Devil’s Due – Willamette Week

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Matilda Bickers and Amy Pitts are taking Casa Diabloto court, alleging the strip club owes them back pay and damages for harassment. Read the full story by Willamette Week.

I spent a couple hours with Matilda and Amy earlier in the week and learned about their efforts to bring a voice to sex workers and independent contractors in Portland. Matilda is working on the first edition of a zine she’s created to inform sex workers of various topics such as how and when to use condoms, antibiotic resistant strains of chlamydia, and stage fees at strip clubs. She’s also applying to graduate school. Amy has given up dancing and now works as a yoga instructor.


Matilda Bickers (left) Amy Pitts (right)

Matilda in her bedroom

Matilda's bookshelf

Matilda in her bedroom

Matilda and Amy06

Matilda and Amy07

Matilda's shoes

Matilda Bickers in her apartment in Portland.

Amy Pitts in her studio in Portland


All photos ©2015 Rachelle Hacmac